Our Promise to You

We know in today’s modern world, you have many choices when choosing an orange county estate planning attorney. Our promise to our clients sets us apart from every other lawyer in the industry.

1. Expertise. We promise to be experts in the areas of estate planning, trust and probate law. As a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the California State Bar, you can trust that we devote our practice to this complex area of law, and that we continue to be at the forefront of the estate planning, trust and probate field.

2. Communication. We promise to respond to your questions and concerns in a quick and efficient manner. The number one complaint about attorneys is that they fail to answer or return your calls. Often times, when you do get a call back, it is from a staff member, not the attorney you needed to reach. We promise you that not only will we respond to you quickly, you will get a response from our attorneys directly.

3. Cost. We promise that we will provide you the best value you in the industry. Our customized, detailed, flat-fee options are unlike any other attorney in estate planning. Our process allows you to be in charge of the price of your estate plan and understand exactly what you are paying for.

4. Results. We promise to deliver customized estate plans that reflect your wishes, save you on taxes and allow you to avoid probate. We promise to assist you with administering probates and trust administrations in a fast and cost effective manner. We promise to litigate aggressively for you should litigation be necessary.

5. Respect Personal and Cultural Differences. Each Orange County Estate Planning Attorney at Modern Wealth Law respects the unique concerns and needs of each and every client, regardless of personal circumstances, culture or complexity. We apply our comprehensive knowledge of the law and estate planning tools to craft custom plans that address your personal needs and your cultural beliefs. Our focus is to protect the people that you love and the assets you own.