Orange County Vietnamese Probate Lawyer

Anh Tran is an Orange County Vietnamese probate lawyer in Irvine, California. She was raised in Huntington Beach, and her family continues to do business in Westminster and Garden Grove. With Orange County being home to the the second largest Vietnamese community in the world (behind only Vietnam), Anh understands the unique cultural aspects that are specific to the Vietnamese community and applies those same values when representing her clients as a probate lawyer and when drafting estate plans as an estate planning attorney. Unfortunately, many Vietnamese Americans are unaware of the need for estate planning, and are left dealing with the complicated Orange County probate process. While Anh has made it a personal goal to educate more of the Vietnamese community about the need for estate planning, for those she has been unable to reach, she has assisted them through the Orange County probate process. Further, Anh is a contributing author to the largest Vietnamese Newspaper, Nguoi Viet.

Inspiration to Become a Vietnamese Probate Lawyer in Orange County

The inspiration for Modern Wealth Law began decades ago, when the Anh’s parents fled Communist-occupied Vietnam to forge a better life for their children. One of Anh’s aunts’ boats capsized and she was never heard from again. Anh’s own mother was pregnant with her in an overcrowded refugee camp in Malaysia, before finally reaching America. Struggle was an understatement. The bravery of Anh parents inculcated within her the importance of planning ahead for generations to come. Anh had etched in her mind the journey of her parents; coming to the United States with nothing but the clothes on their back. It stoked within her a passion to become a probate lawyer, especially for first generation Vietnamese Americans in Orange County.

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