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Modern Wealth Law is a full service estate planning and probate law firm with its principal offices located in Costa Mesa, California. Each Orange County estate planning attorney at Modern Wealth Law practices exclusively in the areas of estate planning, probate administration and trust administration. Each estate planning lawyer brings a sophisticated level of understanding to these complex and technical areas of the law. We are dedicated to providing you and your family with the finest legal representation throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County.

Why Choose Us as Your Estate Planning Attorney?

Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Law

The California State Bar requires that each Estate Planning Specialist has the required level of skill, expertise and experience in the area of Estate Planning, Probate and Trust law to become a Board Certified Specialist. Board certification requires proving your qualifications in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law through a rigorous application process, a day-long written exam and through independent inquiry and review by others in the estate planning community.

Big Firm Experience Without the Cost

Each Orange County Estate Planning Attorney at Modern Wealth Law comes from the biggest and most well-known estate planning firms in the country. We provide the same expertise of the big firms, however, due to our smaller footprint, we are able to provide a more responsive and personalized service to our clients. We are able to provide this customized first-class service for each of our clients at a more reasonable cost compared to the big firms.

Trusted in the Community

Our trust in the community runs deeper than estate planning. John L. Wong is also the Commissioner of John Wayne Airport in Orange County where he oversees the various projects by airport staff. Anh P. Tran is on the board of Impact Giving in Orange County. Her all-women charity, provides thousands of dollars to Orange County organizations every year. We have also been published in national newspapers discussing the issues of estate planning.


Choosing an estate planning attorney is a life-long relationship. If your estate planning attorney is retired or deceased when you need to make changes to your estate plan in the future, you will be left starting from scratch with another attorney. This will lead to frustration and additional costs. Each Orange County Estate Planning Attorney at Modern Wealth Law will be available to guide not only you, but also your family’s next generation.

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Our Promise to You

We know in today’s modern world, you have many choices when choosing an orange county estate planning attorney. Our promise to our clients sets us apart from every other lawyer in the industry.

1. Expertise. We promise to be experts in the areas of estate planning, trust and probate law. As a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law by the California State Bar, you can trust that we devote our practice to this complex area of law, and that we continue to be at the forefront of the estate planning, trust and probate field.

2. Communication. We promise to respond to your questions and concerns in a quick and efficient manner. The number one complaint about attorneys is that they fail to answer or return your calls. Often times, when you do get a call back, it is from a staff member, not the attorney you needed to reach. We promise you that not only will we respond to you quickly, you will get a response from our attorneys directly.

3. Cost. We promise that we will provide you the best value you in the industry. Our customized, detailed, flat-fee options are unlike any other attorney in estate planning. Our process allows you to be in charge of the price of your estate plan and understand exactly what you are paying for.

4. Results. We promise to deliver customized estate plans that reflect your wishes, save you on taxes and allow you to avoid probate. We promise to assist you with administering probates and trust administrations in a fast and cost effective manner. We promise to litigate aggressively for you should litigation be necessary.

5. Respect Personal and Cultural Differences. Each Orange County Estate Planning Attorney at Modern Wealth Law, respects the unique concerns and needs of each and every client, regardless of personal circumstances, culture or complexity. We apply our comprehensive knowledge of the law and estate planning tools to craft custom plans that address your personal needs and your cultural beliefs. Our focus is to protect the people that you love and the assets you own.

Testimonials from Clients and Other Professionals

Mr. Wong is a breath of fresh air. I’ve worked with several attorneys on other types of matters, and Mr. Wong is the first attorney to get it. He offered a simple flat fee, with a breakdown of my options, and advised me on what was necessary, what was advised, and what was completely optional. With the flat fee I felt like I could ask the questions that were necessary without feeling rushed. While I thought I did my fair of research about estate planning, Mr. Wong identified significant issues that I was unaware of. I highly recommend Mr. Wong.
Justin W., Estate Planning Client
Mr. Wong is an outstanding attorney with an in-depth and focused understanding of estate planning. I would, and do, wholeheartedly recommend John to any client seeking legal counsel with respect to their estate.
Jeff Pham, Business Attorney
I had a great experience using John as my estate planning attorney. He was knowledgeable about several issues, including income tax issues that my CPA had not addressed. He worked with my CPA and Financial Advisor to ensure that everyone was on the same page with my financial picture. Most importantly, we set up an estate plan to protect my business and my children from creditors.
Ursula Reyes, Estate Planning Client
John is bright, thorough and hard-working. He’s a top notch estate planning and probate litigation attorney.
Stephen Hammers, Commercial Real Estate Attorney